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VIDEO : Inside-out California Maki.

Although it is quite possible to make a small roll with sparing amounts of these fillings, inside-out rolls allow for generous servings. A vegetarian version of the California Roll can be made using a combination of cucumber, cooked dried gourd, thinly sliced parboiled carrot, mangetouts and cream cheese!
As its name suggests, California Maki is hardly a classical sushi recipe. It is, however, extremely popular across the United States and elsewhere. It is a superb blend of textures – cooked crab, avocado and cucumber. Continue reading

What is Sashimi

What is Sashimi??
Sashimi is thinly sliced, raw seafood. Many different kinds of fish (and other types of seafood) are served raw in the Japanese cuisine. Of course, the fish has to be as fresh as possible. Sashimi can be eaten just as sashimi or as nigiri zushi, in which case the sashimi piece is put on top of a small ball of sushi rice.

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