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matoudaiMatoudai ( John Dory in English )

Other Names: Christópsaro (Greek); dülger baligi (Turkish); gallo, pez de San Pedro (Spanish); galo negro, peixe galo (Portuguese); kuznets (Russian); matôdai (Japanese); poule-de-mer, Saint Pierre (French); Saint Peter’s fish; Sanktpetersfisk (Danish). Oreo dory: Ôme-matodai-zoku (Japanese); samonete (Spanish); tiefsee Petersfisch (German). Zeidae.

A history of Japanese cuisine

IMG_0789Japanese cuisine has developed over the past 2,000 years with strong influences from both China and Korea. But it is only in the last 300-400 years that all the influences have come together to form what nowadays can be described as Japanese cuisine.

One of the major influences was the introduction of rice from Korea around 400 B.C. and within a hundred years it had become the staple food of Japan. Korea’s rice growing techniques were passed on to the Japanese during the Yayoi period, as migrating tribes settled in Japan.

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