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Shari – Sushi Rice Recipe

The most important  technique in the preparation of sushi is how to make sushi rice, that is called ‘shari,’ ‘sushi-meshi,’ or ‘su-meshi’ (vinegar[ed][cooked]rice), in its best condition, and that depends on how perfectly mix-up the cooked rice and vinegar-mixture (awase-zu) together deliciously.

The taste of sushi greatly depends on the taste of sushi rice. It is often said that the rice part shares as much as 60% of it, according to the opinions of many sushi chefs.  The key factor is the ‘shari’  itself, as well as fish (sashimi) quality. Continue reading

How to cut Salmon

To start with, you need a few basic tools.

A good serrated knife, a flexible filleting knife, a pair of fish pliers (clean needle nosed pliers are fine) a chopping board and some clingfilm.

Oh yeah, and a fish…
If you’ve bought the fish whole then it’s very likely not to have been scaled. Unless you plan on skinning the fillets once you’ve taken them off, its a good idea to scale the fish now. Trying to scale fillets is possible but ruins the flesh.
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