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What Are the Different Chef Jobs?

Chef Jobs?

There are many different chef jobs that can be found, and they can all range from working as a private chef, a business chef, and even some as researchers. There are numerous titles and job positions assigned to the various stages of cooking, but the main four jobs considered umbrella over the remaining. The Sous Chef is the most common, then there is a Demi Chef and Chef de Partie which are similar, and then there is the elite Chef de Cuisine. All four of these positions require chef training, and they are considered to be steps up the career ladder of cooking.

The Sous Chef is the first of the chef jobs that consists of tasks related to assisting the executive chef. This position is basically the bottom in line when it comes to cooking, but it is always a learning position that allows a person to rise up in the ranks. The Sous Chef is considered to be the right hand person for the main chef, and even though it can be one of the most strenuous positions within this career field, it is also the most rewarding because the chef learns as they earn. This chef is the entry level position that requires basic knowledge and understanding of specific cooking concepts, but allows the person to make mistakes without having a large amount of consequences.

The Demi Chef is the second level on the chef jobs ladder of promotion. They are experienced chefs that concentrate on one specialty item, such as appetizers or sushi. Sometimes these chefs are required to oversee less experienced chefs, but they are just considered to be teachers rather than managers. Of course, with experience comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes success. The Demi Chef position is one step closer to becoming an executive chef.

The Chef de Partie is the next step up when it comes to chef jobs. This position is basically an experienced chef that is in charge of overseeing chefs that are just starting out. Each Chef de Partie specializes in areas of larger kitchens, such as desserts or seafood, and they are responsible to ensure that these specific areas are prepared according to the high standards that have been set. This is basically a management position that moves a chef up the ladder of success and places them even closer to the most prestige title that a chef can have.

The final of the chef jobs that can be achieved, and the one that is sought after by all experienced and novice chefs, is the Chef de Cuisine. This is the top level chef, more commonly referred to as the head chef, that oversees everything within the kitchen. They are responsible for making menus, adding new dishes, implementing specials, and overseeing all other staff within the kitchen. The Chef de Cuisine is a master that is highly respected and actively sought after.

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