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Review E book from my friend ( youlin)

Are you food lover in Japanese cuisine?

YL-JP-Kitchen-BigHere, I want to share you one amazing Japanese cooking ebook – “ A Touch Of YouLin’s Japanese Kitchen” from my friend, YouLin. It is 136 page premium Japanese cookbook featured over 108 healthy recipes which YouLin has compiled over a period of 10 years in his experience and research as Japanese chef.

The recipes that have been described in the ebook included from sashimi, sushi, chicken, fish, seafood, tofu, salad, vegetables and more.

These recipes are not easy to locate anywhere else and designed to allow you to cook premium restaurant style Japanese food from your own home!

Although, I have been working as a Chef in Japanese restaurant for 15 years, I was totally attracted by the recipes and tips that YouLin shared in the ebook. I really appreciate and I think I can make use of most recipes in my daily Japanese cooking now.

The recipes in the ebook come along with complete details of the ingredients that would be used, the measurements that should be taken and the steps that should be followed.

I am sure that you will be able to cook a delicious and healthy Japanese dish by following each and every step very carefully. So, impress a date and enjoy great experience with your friends and family with the mouth watering Japanese dishes now!

# For Muslim, you may use chicken as substitution of pork, change mirin (sweet sake) to sugar syrup.

# You can find most of the ingredients at Japanese specialty stores or at the Asian aisle of most big supermarkets or even buy online. Of course, you may purchase from me as well J

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