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How to cut Seabass

(sea bass):
Suzuki is a Japanese fish without an exact equivalent in America. Various fish that fall into the sea bass category are served as suzuki here. Sea bass have shiny white flesh with an easily recognizable broad-flaked structure and a mild flavor. The sea bass season in U.S. waters is limited to the summer months, and many sushi bars offer it only then, when it is available fresh. You may also encounter it flown in frozen from Japan.

Like hirame, suzuki makes an elegant paper-thin sashimi, suzuki usu zukuri, which is as pleasant to pronounce as it is to eat. Suzuki sashimi is often served with ponzu, a lemony soy sauce, or served in the summertime on a bed of ice cubes with tangy shiso leaf and a scattering of red pepper flakes.”

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1-Remove the scales.
Cut off the head by inserting the knife at an angle behind the pectoral fin and cut halfway through. Turn the fish over and do the same thing to remove the head.
Slicing the top part: After cutting lines on its stomach, cut the meat from head to tail following along the center bone.
Slicing the bottom part: Turn it over bone-side down and insert the knife from the stomach.
Start slicing it following its center bone to the tail.
Still keeping the bone-side down, turn the fish around and slice it from tail to head.
Shave the stomach bones off. Lift them up softly while shaving them off.

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