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Sake Maki @ Salmon Roll

salmon roll
Sake Maki ( japanese ) or Salmon Roll
Salmon is king of fish oil. All fish have fats called omega-3s, but salmon is one of the richest sources. Omega-3s are major players in the prevention of heart problems and may help with controlling inflammatory problems like arthritis.

Sushi Rice
*To serve: soy sauce, wasabi paste, pickled ginger.
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“A very basic and easy way to make salmon roll.”
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.1. Cut salmon into thin stripes.

2. Cut seaweed sheet into halves.

3. Place rice appr. 2 cm wide and 0,5 cm high on the seaweed sheet.

4. But a tiny bit of wasabi paste onto the rice.

5. Place salmon in the middle of the rice.

6. Wetten the end of the sheet a bit with water.

7. Roll the sheet with the bamboo mat and “glue” the ends of roll together.

8. Cut the roll into appr. six pieces. For better results you can wetten the knife with water mixed with vinegar.

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