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Tobiko Sushi

Gunkan-sushi with tobiko (flying fish caviar)

Nutrition: High-quality protein, selenium. Tobiko is made from flying fish eggs in a similar process to ikura. Tobiko is very reasonably priced compared to Ikura, but the taste is still high quality with a unique texture similar to kazunoko.
How to make it?


Vinegared sushi rice
Nori sheet
Tobiko (flying fish roe)

First thing you got to do is cut the nori to long strips of nori, that will soon cover the tobiko sushi. Now, take a half-handful of rice, and shape it to a 4cm high cylinder, with a 6cm diameter.

This rice cylinder is now the base of your sushi, make it tight, it should hold a bit of weight later on when we put the rest of the ingredients.

see video..
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